Why ESWL is Adviced
A high liquid intake the night before the treatment and a mild laxative on the eve of procedure is recommended. Patient should come to the hospital on the morning of lithotripsy treatment empty stomach after an overnight fasting.The average treatment time is 20-40 minutes.Single small stone may take less time to clear and large or multiple stones will take longer and multiple treatment sessions .
Which patients can benefit by ESWL?
  • Problems of Kidney patients
  •  Few patients may need open surgery.
  •  Some patients take desi madicines.
  •  Kidney stones recurrence is common.
  •  Kidney stones can occur in genito-urinary system.
  •  KUB X-ray for asymptomatic disease.
ESWL is also beneficial in:
  •  ESWL is used to remove stones with rays without surgery.
  •  ESWL is used to breaking up of the stones.
  •  Fragmented stone passes out in the urine.
  •  Double J Stent is placed by a cystoscope that is latter removed.
  •  ESWL waves are focused onto the stone to broke into small particles.
Treatment Options for kidney stones
Stones disease management involves treatment of the existing stone and preventive measures against recurresnces. Many small stones pass out by themselves through the urinary tract with the urine, however pain can be severe and require hospital admission and pain killer medicines. Many stones require open operation or endoscopic keyhole surgery.
Now a new invention, Extracorporeal shock-wave Lithotripsy (ESWL) is available for effective treatment of kidney stones with little pain or discomfort using an intense bean of ultrasound to smash large kidney stones into small fragments and powder that can pass out in urine.
Advantages of Lithotripsy
  •  No cut and no scars (as in surgery).
  •  Safe - no anaesthesia.
  •  Age no bar - Safe even in children and elderly.
  •  No blood transfusion or AIDS risk.
  •  OPD walk-in walk-out treatment.
  •  Minimum work loss.
  •  Can be safely treated in recurrent stones.
  •  Comfortable - Most patients need nil or minimal sedation and pain killers.
  •  Life saving for patients unfit for surgery, single kidney patients etc.
  •  Economical.
Not all stones are amenable to treatment by the modern methods. In certain circumstances, the kidney or ureteric stones are still best managed by open surgery, however, this accounts for only a small fraction of all stone patients. The doctor can now utilize a wide variety of instruments and diagnostic aids to select the most appropriate treatment for the patient. A combination of ESWL and minimally invasive treatment may be suitable alternative of open surgery.


Avoid Bypass Surgery
Avoid Bypass Surgery
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  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity.
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